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Rapid Response Fund

RNHS is excited to announce its RAPID RESPONSE FUND supporting single-parent households with minor children and seniors, supporting those families demonstrating a COVID-19 financial hardship that has made a family food insecure and/or at risk of losing utility services after service moratoriums are lifted.

Utilities are considered electricity, water, garbage, and cable/internet – cell phones and home phones under this program are not considered utilities.

Fund Sponsors

Eligibility Requirements

  • A resident of Contra Costa, Alameda, or Solano Counties
  • A single parent with minor children or a senior over the age of 65 years of age.
  • You must be able to demonstrate a financial hardship related to COVID 19- this could be a loss of job, reduced hours, or medical expenses.
  • Seniors who can validate their income does not exceed more the $30,000 a year do not have to provide additional documentation

Easy to Apply

  1. Demonstrate your COVID-19 hardship resulting in loss of employment and/or wages
  2. Confirm you are the head of a single-parent household with a minor child or senior
  3. Provide a past due utility bill in your name that confirms your address

Required Documentation

Single Parent Households

  • Unemployment documentation; or a letter from employer stating reduction of hours due to COVID -19
  • Past-Due utility bill(s)
  • Birth Certificate(s) to confirm age(s) of minor children
  • First page of Federal tax return to verify filing status as Head of Household


  • Income certification i.e. Social Security Statement, retirement statement etc.
  • Past-Due utility bill(s)

Note: Award amounts will be based on household size and will be distributed in the form of gift cards; payments will be made directly to the utility company(s).


  1. Undocumented individuals can apply; however, if the relief exceeds $600- they will need to complete a W-9; if they cannot comply- they will not be able to receive the support.
  2. If individuals are having problems uploading, printing, and/or scanning the application and or documents that can manually provide information in an email.
  3. RNHS will provide the following support they can fax- go to UPS and FEDEX store to print and scan- provide receipt they will be reimbursed; the amount will be added to the gift card amount for your utility bill payment; or get assistance from the referral agency- RNHS request that there is limited access to the public to keep staff and community safe during COVID- 19. You can also complete the application, by taking a picture of the application and documents to send over to [email protected]
  4. Document required is to confirm your hardship, status, (Senior, SPHH); utility bill only required for utility relief- payments will be made directly to utility company food relief will be provided in the form of a gift card.- the Relief Fund currently supports only food and utility relief.
  5. Utilities are considered electricity, water, garbage, and cable/internet – cell phones and home phones under this program are not considered utilities.
  6. Minors are considered, 17 and younger.
  7. For Seniors- we will accept a copy of ID – for age verification.
  8. For Seniors- Hardship for those making less than 50K; with an explanation of the COVID- 19 related hardship.


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