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Wealth Isn’t Just for the Lucky: Ways to Create Your Own

Do you ever find yourself comparing what you have to what someone else has? It’s not exactly a healthy or pleasant state of mind to be in; however, as painful as it can be to admit, this comparison is inevitable. You may find yourself wishing that you lived in a house like a friend or […]

Building a Legacy – How to Create a Positive Financial Future

In the spirit of February… let’s talk about the ones you love! When we think of financial responsibility, we often think in the present. Daily living and immediate needs come to mind, such as budgeting for necessities like food, shelter, and education. Perhaps these things are taken care of, but you have bigger goals like […]

5 Tips for Reaching Your Financial Goals in the New Year

There are a variety of Near Year’s resolutions that people set from year to year. Whether it’s living a healthier lifestyle, finding more time for your favorite hobbies, or improving your economic situation, it should be something you strive to achieve all year long. For those of you looking to reach new financial goals in […]

2018 Reflections for Richmond Neighborhood Housing Services… Our Future is BRIGHT!

As this year comes to a close, we look back on the incredible accomplishments and experiences of the organization in 2018. Through different programs, workshops, and events, the three pillars of Richmond Neighborhood Housing Services were well-represented: homeownership, financial literacy, and affordable housing. Thank you to those that participated in our success. For those getting […]

Holiday Money Management – How to Celebrate Within Budget

Though the holiday season is long, budgets aren’t always equipped to keep pace. This makes it easy to overspend. The combination of gifts to shop for and convenient seasonal sales encourages consumers to spend money they normally might not have. When you want to stick to a budget and manage money wisely during the holidays, […]

New Tenant Ordinances To Help Low-Income Residents

This was a great day at Richmond City Council. RNHS participated in a listening session to address source of income discrimination and multi-credit report fee; a huge hurdle for community members trying to secure rental housing. Richmond City Council voted unanimously to review our recommendations and tasked city staff to see how the recommendations could […]

How Lending Laws are Changing

Why CRA is important to prospective homeowners When purchasing a home most of us will have to borrow from a lender. Whether it be a bank, credit union or private lender a mortgage is probably going to be in the cards. If you’re a first time homebuyer that is unable to secure the typical 0-3% […]

AMI: What Does it Mean for Homebuyers?

If you have any interest in owning a home or if you’ve been looking into real-estate, you’ve probably seen ‘AMI’ referred to often. AMI is an abbreviation for ‘area median income,’ this is a statistic by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for purposes of determining the eligibility of applicants for certain federal […]

The Real Cost of Student Loan Debt

  Years ago going to college meant an increase in earnings potential; which translated to your ability to own a home. A place to call your own, a lawn to mow, a place to invite guests, spend holidays and relax is the dream of most. While getting an education is still important, one must also […]

National Homeownership Month

We couldn’t let homeownership month go by without celebrating the opportunity of owning your own Homeownership is a dream for many people, which is why we celebrate National Homeownership Month every June. This year, Richmond Neighborhood Housing Services wants to celebrate and give back by sharing some tips for homebuyers! Whether it’s your first time […]

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